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1745 Jacobite Society Members & Friends At Various Reenactment Events

Here you'll find us at various events.  Members of the 1745 Jacobite Society are pictured here as Highlanders, British Soldiers & Civilians of the Eighteenth Century.  Have fun looking at us in action, and if you could picture yourself doing this, then by all means join us.  If you're interested in our time period then this is the organization for you.

This Site is always under construction.  Please be patient while the photos download.

Loyalist Militia & Crown Forces Heading to the Battlefield

Non Commisioned Officers Wedge With Regimental & Cocked Hat

Serjeant Bastard & Company

American Heritage Festival - Opening Parade

The Bonnie Prince and a BlackWatch Private

Royalist Militia Standard Bearer & His Majestys Mounted Dragoon

The Bonnie Prince with a pair of Highland Rogues

The Highland Rogues, Rebels All Of Them!!!

Forming Up as the Captain Readies for Inspection

Colonial Lady Jan Working On A Task

Members of the 1745 Jacobite Society and various reenactors from throughout Arizona.

Founding members of the society: Robert Brodie, President of Clan Brodie of the Americas (left) and Stephen Dee Chernin

Revolutionary War Reproduction Cannon

Young Colonial Boy

Huzzah for blackpowder

Crown Forces On The March

Private Duckworth Of The 64th Regiment of Foote

Christopher Francis and his beloved Charlieville Musket

Rosemary Woods - 1745 Jacobite Society Member

His Brittanic Majesty King George III'rds Coldstream Guards Firing on the Enemy Rebel Forces

Captured French Drums & Fife

Colonial Lady Jan Working On Her Inkle Loom

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