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1745 Jacobite Society

The 1745 Jacobite Society is a Living History/Reenactment group.  We are based in Flagstaff Arizona, with members from throughout Arizona.  Some of the members of the society started living history in 1986 at the first Tucson Highland Games and Gathering.  Over the years members have come and gone.  The first incarnation of the society was the White Rose Society, founded by Iain Sherwood, Robert Brodie and Stephen "Dee" Chernin at the first Tucson Highland Games.  In 1991 the society broke into two seperate entities.  From the ashes of the Phoenix arose the 1745 Jacobite Society at the 39th Annual Arizona Highland Games and Clan Gathering in 2003.  We are the premier 18th century reenacting group in Arizona and may be found at various events.  Look for us, where you find muskets and the smoke of blackpowder that's where you'll find the 1745 Jacobite Society.

The History of the Risings

From our love of history and especially the history of the Scottish Highlands our research led us to putting together our reenacting kits.  This site is to introduce the public to that history.  We showcase our knowledge of 18th century life and dress at many events throughout the year and we're always looking for new members from the public we meet.  We have become known for our military drills, skirmishes and blackpowder demonstrations.  We have members who represent Highlanders, British Soldiers and Civilians of the Eighteenth Century.  If you happen to cross our path please do not hesitate to say hello.  And if your up to burning some powder, by all means join us.

His Brittanic Majesty King George III's Coldstream Guards

A new group has formed with some of the member's of the 1745 Jacobite Society that portrays The British soldier.  His Brittanic Majesty King George II'nd&III'rd Coldstream Foote Of Guards.  The Coldstreamers will be putting down the rebellious Highlanders and demonstrating to the public the might of King George II'nd, and how England changed the Highlands and the Clan system forever.  His Brittanic Majesty's Coldstream Foote Of Guards also will be portraying the soldiers of King George III'rd at  American Colonial Uprising demonstrations.  So step back in time to the moor's and glen's and join us on the Green as we prepare for battle.

If you would like to join the fine regiment of the Coldstream Guards please contact us.

If you wish to join us as a Highlander or civilian of the eighteenth century please contact us.

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